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MVNO service

What is MVNO? It is an operator that resale by leasing Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO)’s network (equipment, frequency etc.).
EyesVision is Korea’s first MVNO service, and it brings the best telecommunications experience to customers with its innovative technology and strategy as an operator.



Communications fee reduced by ½, satisfaction doubled!!
A reasonable telecommunications service which I can freely adjust the rates!
EyesVision’s prepaid service can be used by simple sign up process,
has the best quality, and easy to charge method.
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Telecommunications service

  • International call service
    • On/offline prepaid card distribution service
    • Korea’s No. 1 M/S International telephone prepaid card for foreigner and locals
    • Various products available for making calls worldwide
    • Major telecommunications carrier partner
    • Major operating websites - cardstation, ssancard.com, eyestel
  • Military telephone service
    • On/offline prepaid card distribution service
    • Military telephone prepaid card for military personnel
  • Telecommunications circuit service
    • Domestic/foreign voice call transit service
    • Provide high quality stable service
    • Strict quality testing and operating cost reduction on top priority
    • Provide the best service in an efficient line configuration
    • Major telecommunications carrier partner
  • 기본연봉체계 개인성과 및 조직성과에 따라 전직원에게 공통적으로 적용되는 기본연봉체계
  • 성과관리시스템 회사의 성과 및 개인의 성과에 따라 개별적으로 적용되는 보상제도
  • 인센티브제도 회사의 비전달성 및 전략실행을 위해 개인은 목표관리를 통해 회사는 균형지표를 통해 연계 정립시키는 경영프로세스
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